(Manning 2009; Rendell 2017; A final draft)

~ strange familiarities

Alone together, much of the writing I’m working with (on collective housing, participatory practices, artist-led organising) feels alien.

But there are strange familiarities within the details, a gathering-towards.

A radically modified interior…responding to the house and its history, architecture and site…making journeys between house and work…a temporary, messy, escape…a buffer space between the front of the house and the pavement…exploring the limitations and possibilities of being both residents and artists…broadcasting from the kitchen…accommodating a plywood bar…I have invited myself—a researcher in residence…the collapsing gate, the broken concrete slabs, the half-planted flower beds…the absence of a world outside of a single room to explore or inhabit—locked down…two people walk along Garnet Place—experiencing the local in new ways…observing, voyeuristically, through vertical gaps in the wood—alone together…a deckchair in the garden…an additional outdoor room to sit, eat and read…blurry boundaries, fuzzy edges and novel points of view—pets, partners and home décor decisions veiled behind glitchy virtual backgrounds…a stipend irrespective of outputs—the provision of mutual aid…childcare incorporated into artistic practices—schooling becoming part of the working day of parents…—new inequalities relating to the access of outdoor green space.

Unhomely slippages—with room, further movement, I hope, in-between.