(Meg John Barker, 2018; Jane Bennett, 2020; Onbeing with Krista Tippett, The New Vegetable and Herb Expert)

~ anatomy of a better day

Last night grasping for feelings of inside onwards. Responding not so much with incantations as drills. Just about the right side of new age, just about as desperate - podcasts, warrior posing, flitting from book to book; lists, lists, lists. Tripping between hard and soft steers where traction doesn’t take, I clenchingly return to tweets from goblins.

Today, it’s calm and creepy with dirt under nails, snails and spiders. Anatomy of a better being; atmospheres for one. We know affect can be ordinary, but must it be shared? Whitman’s phiz easy. Sun, touch, glow, grip. No ostensible change, yet all does.